Four Gadgets Every Online College Student Needs

If you’re an online college student, you probably already know how far technology has come and how it can be incorporated into your everyday life. However, it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest gadgets that can make your life easier as a college student. Just be careful not to play with your gadget too much and remember to focus on your studies.

External Hard Drive

If you have all your school work stored on your computer, you’ll want a backup plan just in case your computer stops working or can no longer access it. These gadgets are affordable and they aren’t as big and bulky as they once were. You can also back your work up on some type of cloud system, but if you forget your password you may not be able to access it.


Even if you’re taking your classes online, you might still be required to purchase physical textbooks. You can also opt for eBooks which you can access on a tablet. There are some great gadgets at around $100 that are lightweight and easy to read.

Activity Tracker

As an online student, you won’t be walking around campus like traditional students. That means it’s important to take time to get your exercise in during the day. A Fitbit or other such device can track your steps to make sure you’re active enough to stay healthy.

Surge Protector

Whether you’re an online student studying at home or a traditional student in a dorm room, chances are you have a lot of electrical devices plugged in at once. A surge protector might not sound like an exciting gadget, but it can protect your computer, cell phone, and everything else you have plugged in.

Be sure to take advantage of all the latest gadgets available to make your college experience easier and more enjoyable.