How to Land an Internship

College students learn a lot, but don’t forget that the ultimate focus is on preparing you for your chosen career path. In addition to learning in the classroom (or virtual classroom), you can also gain valuable real-world experience through an internship. Some internship programs even pay you and/or allow you to earn college credits. So how do you land an internship?

Polish Your Resume

Make sure your resume is clear and free of any errors. Proofread it multiple times for spelling errors and don’t just trust spell-check. Have someone else look it over to find any typos of sentences that aren’t clear. Don’t stretch the truth too much because possible employers may double check what you have listed on your resume. Don’t forget to include relevant information since you are just starting out in your career field, including applicable school clubs, classes, and work experience.

Seasonal Internships

Many students are still under the impression that internships are only during the summer, but that isn’t always the case. Most colleges can help point you in the right direction when it comes to internships, so be sure to ask. You may be able to have an internship during the spring or fall semesters in addition to during the summer.

Ask About Being Hired

If you show a company that you are interested in working there beyond your internship they may be more likely to bring you on board. Ask if there is a possibility of being hired full-time after your internship. If not, you’ll want to consider whether or not you want to proceed or find another company.

Do your homework when it comes to internships. Remember that there are probably a lot of other students applying for the same position, so keep that in mind. By being prepared and giving it your all you may stand out from the crowd.