How to Create a Personal Study Space in Your Home

If you’re thinking about going to college online, one thing you’ll need to do is set up a study space in your home. You’ll want a quiet space where you’ll be uninterrupted so you can study and get your schoolwork done.

Because you’ll need a computer for online learning, it’s best that you have some type of desk available to study at. In addition to your computer, you’ll also need space for your physical books in addition to any other supplies you need.

Try to keep your study space free of distractions which may mean silencing your cell phone or putting it away temporarily. You can let your loved ones know that you’ll be busy studying during a certain time of day if that helps.

Natural lighting is often overlooked in terms of importance, but locating your desk near a window is a good idea if possible. If you do your studying at night be sure to have adequate lighting and don’t study too late so you start dozing off and lose focus.

Sitting near a window is also a good idea because breathing in fresh air will help you avoid dozing off and also increases your ability to concentrate. Houseplants are another way to improve indoor air quality, as well as air purifiers.

While laptops are great for portability, desktops may make it easier for you to do your schoolwork, especially if you’ll be typing lots of papers. Many students find a traditional keyboard and a larger monitor are beneficial.

Find the right study space that works for you and stick with it. Feel free to experiment to find out how you study most effectively. You may find that what works for you doesn’t work for others, and vice versa.