Online Study Tips: Scheduling Your Studies and Managing Your Time

Many students choose to go to college online because it allows them more flexibility when it comes to time. If you work or have other responsibilities it can be difficult to find enough time to go to a physical classroom each week, especially if you are taking multiple courses. Online courses allow you the freedom of studying when it’s convenient for you but also require self-discipline and time management skills.

Even though many classes don’t require you to be online at a certain time during the week, most of them do have assignments due each week. One of the first things you’ll need to do is schedule time out of your day that is solely dedicated to your online learning. If you’re going to school full time online, you’ll need to be sure to dedicate plenty of hours each week to your online classes.

If you’re a part-time student, you’ll still need to manage your time effectively. If you work during the days, you’ll need to set aside some time each evening to work on your studies. Some online students also prefer to get a good portion of their work done on the weekends, but be sure to stay on top of assignment due dates.

It is recommended that you use a planner to schedule your time accordingly and record any due dates ahead of time. Avoid working on one thing for too long, it’s often easier to spend a dedicated amount of time on one assignment and then switch to another. Of course, this can’t be done if you procrastinate, which is certainly not a desirable trait of scheduling your studies.

Be sure to take short breaks so you don’t get too tired or frustrated while you are studying. Take a short walk or stop to have a snack which can both reenergize you to finish your studies. If you still have trouble with scheduling your studies, reach out to a professor or advisor who may have some additional tips for you.