How to Stay Motivated as the Semester Draws to a Close

When the semester started, you were totally motivated to get an A in every class. But now, you’re getting burned out from all this homeowner and studying for tests. What’s worse, the weather is warming up outside, and all you want to do is drop your books and play Frisbee with your friends.

These symptoms strike most college students as the end of the semester nears, but if you want to meet your GPA goals, you can’t succumb to temptation just yet. Follow these tips to stay motivated as the semester draws to a close.

Keep Track of Deadlines and Due Dates

The worst thing that can happen is to forget the deadline for a class project or final exam. Write these dates down in your planner or create calendar events on your phone to keep yourself organized. Knowing exactly what you need to get done and when is the first step to prioritizing your time.

Set Daily Productivity Goals

Consider the deadlines for all of your classes. As the semester winds down, many projects and tests may land on the same days. To prevent cramming at the last minute, figure out how to pace yourself for the rest of the semester, prioritizing the assignments that have earlier due dates without neglecting the tasks that are due later.

Remember that You’re Almost Finished

As you sit down at your computer or open up a textbook to study, you might constantly be fighting the temptation to drop everything and go enjoy the warm weather. Just remember – the semester is almost over, and once it is, you can enjoy summer to your heart’s content. Plus, if you remain focused and finish out the semester strong, you’ll have an amazing feeling of gratification and accomplishment to carry you through summer break until fall semester starts.

Allow Yourself to Recharge

With all this talk of staying focused, it’s easy to overwork yourself. Ironically, never taking a break can make you less productive than if you recharge with a 20-minute nap or a round of Battlefield between assignments. The trick is to balance your studies with “me time” to maximize productivity without either burning yourself out or slacking off too much.

One of the best things about studying at eNSU – Louisiana’s first and largest electronic campus – is that you can work on finishing your college education based on your schedule. Pace yourself with as many or few classes as you wish, work during the day and study at night, or even watch a lecture on your laptop while lounging on the grass. The unique flexibility of online coursework could be just what you need to finish the semester on a high note.

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