How to "Unplug" When You've Been Doing Online Schoolwork All Day

Online college students like you study, not in a classroom, but on a computer. At the end of a long study session, where do you turn your attention? If you click over to Reddit or find Facebook on your bookmarks bar, you aren’t resting your brain or eyes properly. To really recharge and reinvigorate your mind, it’s important to “unplug” when you’ve been doing online schoolwork all day. Here’s why this is important and how to do it.

Recover More “Me” Time

The internet can be an unproductive time waster. It may be entertaining to watch cat videos and read other people’s thoughts on your favorite movies, but you could be spending your free time cooking a fun new recipe, honing your painting skills or pampering yourself with a long, hot bath. Doesn’t that sound more refreshing than staring at a computer screen any longer than necessary?

To recover more “me” time after studying, don’t even think about checking Facebook or Twitter. In fact, you should turn off your phone and computer and do something entirely non-tech related for a change of pace.

Build Relationships

You could spend your downtime texting friends with Netflix on in the background – or you could actually get together with your friends and build memories in person. Go get coffee, play cards and hear each other laugh, not just read “haha” or “lol.”

While you’re enjoying time with your friend, keep your phone tucked away. Only answer calls or read notifications if it’s urgent. Otherwise, unplug and enjoy who you’re with.

Get in Touch with Nature

Most college students spend a vast majority of their time indoors. Take a breath of fresh air by heading outside the moment you finish your daily schoolwork. It’s also acceptable to take a 20- to 30-minute break in the afternoon when it’s still light and warm outside to hang out on your patio, gaze at the sky and listen to the birds chirping.

As for unplugging, leave your phone inside! You’ll have no choice but to soak up the natural world around you instead of burying your head in your phone when a notification comes through.


Some of the best workouts take place outside. When you’re done studying for the day, unwind by taking a walk, going for a bike ride, or shooting some hoops at an outdoor basketball court. Go alone for more “me” time, or invite a friend to work on building your relationship. And the whole time, be sure to leave your phone on silent in your bag.

In this tech age, there are pros and cons to having constant internet access. One major benefit is the opportunity to earn an online college degree. At eNSU, Northwestern State University’s global campus, you can enroll in classes and learn anytime from anywhere. Then, when you’re done studying, you can “unplug” and enjoy the world and people around you.

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