The Pros of a Career in Accounting

When choosing a college major and a likely career path, many students skip over accounting because they don’t think they’re good enough at math. Accounting can actually be a very lucrative career, and those that do choose it often seem to like it and stick with it. While it may not be right for everyone, being informed about the pros of a career in accounting could make you think twice about whether or not it may be right for you.

  • Job Security – Almost every business needs an accountant, so there are plenty of places to work. After earning your accounting degree, you may be in high demand, especially if you also earn your CPA license. There’s also an estimated 13% growth in accounting and auditing jobs through 2020.
  • High Salary – The mean annual salary for an accountant is $72,500, with many earning six-figure salaries. That means that even starting off, you’ll still be making a good amount of money compared to some other occupations.
  • Advancement – There is plenty of room for advancement within the accounting industry. A senior accountant can earn about double the salary of an entry-level employee. Earning certifications like your CPA can also open up more opportunities. Accountants often advance quickly, so they aren’t stuck in the same place for years.
  • Prestige – Accounting is a great field for those looking for a respectable career. Accountants are often held in high regard because the most important aspect of keeping a business afloat is the money it makes. CPAs are highly regarded because of their hard work and level of experience.

There are plenty of other advantages to being an accountant including benefits, developing a great network, career diversity, a variety of work environments, and more. If you feel a career in accounting is right for you, feel free to learn more by contacting Northwestern State.