14 Tips for Surviving Your First Year of College Online

Graduating high school is an exciting time and an achievement you should be proud of. For many students, going on to college is next up on their agenda. While there are many benefits of earning your college degree, your first year can be a bit challenging until you get the hang of things.

While there are some similarities between high school and college, there are also quite a few differences. You’ll have more freedom and independence in college, but that also means you need to be more responsible and self-reliant. Here are some tips to help make your first year of online college a success.

  1. Always back up your files
  2. Stick to a budget when it comes to supplies
  3. Don’t drink too much coffee
  4. Stay hydrated, eat healthy foods, and get plenty of sleep
  5. Look for a part-time job or internship related to your field of study
  6. Find out how to contact your professors and don’t be afraid to do so
  7. Develop a study method that works well for you and stick to it
  8. Register early or at least on time to make sure you get the classes you need
  9. Use a calendar to keep track of your classes and assignments
  10. If you live near campus attend career fairs and try to get involved in a club
  11. Ask plenty of questions of your professor and fellow students in online discussions
  12. Free yourself of distractions like cell phones during your study time
  13. If you need physical textbooks, buy or rent them online to save money
  14. Make friends with one or two fellow students in each class so you can compare notes and ask questions

These tips can help make your first year in college a success. Do what works best for you, but remember that until you’ve actually graduated you won’t always know what to expect, and having a solid foundation will prove very helpful.