Six High Paying Careers to Consider After Graduating

While some people know what career they are interested in pursuing at an early age, others have a more difficult time narrowing it down. Some students choose their major based on what they’re interested in, while others choose one based on their potential earnings in the career field that degree would help them get into. The best way to go is probably somewhere in between, finding something you enjoy doing that also pays well. Check out these high paying careers that can also make you feel good about what you are doing.

1. Physician

Median salary: $180,000

Doctors make the highest salary in the United States on average. The job is in high demand and continues to grow, and you’ll help people every day.

2. Lawyer

Median salary: $144,500

Some people don’t have a high opinion of lawyers, but they help people get justice. There are plenty of job openings and the job pays very well.

3. Research and Development Manager

Median salary: $142,120

As an R&D manager you will improve product designs and oversee a team of staff. You may be instrumental in creating new products to help people live their lives.

4. Pharmacy Manager

Median salary: $130,000

You’ll need a doctoral degree as well as years of experience, but this rewarding and high paying job is a great career choice.

5. Solutions Architect

Median salary: $120,000

In this role you will lead or assist in designing new projects and products. Much like R&D, you’ll have the ability to create new things to help improve our society.

6. Tax Manager

Median salary: $110,000

If you like working with numbers, you might like this career which allows you to take home big numbers as well. You’ll help people with their taxes so they don’t pay too much, and there is plenty of need here.