How to Deal with Being Homesick When You are Away at College

Starting college is an exciting time, but it does have some challenges. Freshman year of college is the time when most young adults first move out of their parents’ homes. Whether you’re living on campus or moving in with roommates to attend college online, being homesick is quite common.

It’s natural to think about your family and friends back home, and there are varying degrees of homesickness. Being homesick can result in being very emotional including crying and constantly calling home, which can make it difficult to focus on studying. Homesickness is about missing your normal life and what was comfortable for you. After a while of getting used to your new life, things should get better, but there are some ways you can deal with being homesick.

  • Calling Home – Some students overdo it, but calling home once a day can help with being homesick. Take turns calling different family members or friends from back home but limit those to one call per day.

  • Visiting Home – Much like calling home in moderation can be helpful, visiting home once can also help you deal with being homesick. It can help you recharge, but doing it too often can make your homesickness worse.

  • Make Friends – Even if you are already friends with your roommates, it helps to make more friends. Have a night out and don’t be afraid to discuss what your life is like back at home. You can also join a club at your school to make friends with those who have similar interests.

  • Ask for Help – Most colleges have counselors you can talk to about being homesick. Some have freshman support groups or dorm RAs that are trained in helping new students become comfortable.

If you aren’t quite ready to move out, consider studying online and staying at home a bit longer. Give NSULA Online Learning a call toll-free at 800-327-1903.