How to Pick the Right Major for You

Deciding to attend college is a great first step, but soon after you’ll need to choose a major. Many students struggle with this step, or they simply don’t know how they should choose one. While choosing the right major is important, it doesn’t mean you’re locked into a career choice and you can even change your major if you choose to.

A college major is a specialized area of study. All students will start with the basics, but after that, you’ll take more focused classes related to your major. Sometimes you won’t need to choose your major until you are a sophomore or junior, but other times you’ll be asked to provide it when you apply to the school. You’ll still be able to change it, but it’s important to start out with something you think you’ll want to stick with.

  • Preparing for a Career – Choosing your major can help prepare you for a specific career path. For example, if you want to be a nurse you should take a class or two to be sure you are interested in the type of coursework required.

  • Earnings Potential – One way students choose a major is based on the job outlook for their potential career field. This includes earnings potential as well as the amount of opportunities available. Majors don’t limit you to one career choice; many times there are multiple careers associated with each major.

  • Subject Matter – Some students opt to choose their major based on subject matter they love. If you enjoy art you may want to be an art major, it can be as simple as that. You can explore potential careers related to your major and see if any are appealing to you.

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